Sage Coaching Service

Sage Midwife Coaching is business/personal coaching, not clinical coaching.

Midwives with strong clinical skills can still find managing the day to day realities of being a midwife, or managing the business side of their practice, challenging. We think we can help.

Coaching is always led by you - do as much or as little as you want on whatever you want. The objective is to help you problem solve to improve your business practice and sustainability. This is done by tapping into your own resources, through deep listening, reflection and thoughtful enquiry.

You can opt to only use this coaching service. Another option is to use our full service which uses a framework called "Appreciative Inquiry" to get a greater understanding of the whole picture.

Sue can take you through this Discovery phase - which often results in immediate changes, or a desire to change some aspects. Once completed, as a business coach David then offers ongoing coaching sessions to help you with your challenges and aspirations.

Clinical support is available through Sage Support Service.


Our discovery visit is conducted by Sue and typically takes around 4-5 hours. Following this you will receive a written "Discovery Summary" document. This summary, along with your reflection helps you to identify areas you may want to explore further in the coaching phase.


This can be a challenging space but Sage is here to support you to identify the areas that are most important to you and "Dream" of your future state. This isn't about finding solutions, it's simply creating clarity for you about what you would most like to change.


We will help you create a plan to achieve what you have identified as being the most important to you. As it's your plan you set the pace. You may choose to concentrate on just one thing at a time, or you may want to do more - it's up to you.


Your Sage Coach is there not only to help you achieve your plan but also to work through any other issues that you might face.

We'd meet when it suits you. We are well used to the way things can change at a moments notice, so flexibility is not an issue!

Never had a business coach and don't know if it's for you?

Will having a business coach would work for you? The easies way to know is to give it a go.

If you've read this far then why not give it a go? If you mention you saw this on our site, you can get 2 one hour sessions for $120 +GST.