Sage Midwife Coaching

We support midwives to discover improvement opportunities and build sustainability

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Fighting against the flow is tiring and focus tends to be short and narrow.

Lifting your focus and working with the flow is more sustainable. You see more and it's easier to alter your course.

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What can I expect from Sage Midwife Coaching?

To ensure you have the maximum support possible Sage Midwife Coaching offers two services

  1. A proactive Service - Sage Coaching Service
  2. A reactive Service - Sage Support Service

You can choose take any or all of our services - it's always up to you.

Sage Coaching Service

Sage Midwife Coaching focuses on you as an individual.

You can opt to just use the benefits of having a one on one business coach, or include business coaching as part of our full service.

If you choose our full service then before any coaching sessions, completing our comprehensive Discovery process helps to understand your strengths, challenges and opportunities.

Sage Midwife Coaching is a Te Tatau o te Whare Kahu Midwifery Council approved education provider. Completing our Discovery process qualifies for education hours.

Sage Coaching Service will help you identify what is important to you and your practice. Business coaching supports you to progress change and to deal with the non-clinical challenges of being a midwife.

Sage Support Service

Investigations & Notifications & General Support

Investigations and notifications are increasing. They are time consuming and can be very stressful for Midwives. A number of midwives leave the profession following these processes. This is an outcome we would like to help prevent.

Any midwife can find themselves involved in one of these processes. Even with appropriate legal representation, midwives often feel isolated dealing with the various agencies, whose focus is on the public’s interest.

Sage Support Service can make a huge difference, by utilising Sue's knowledge as a midwife and her knowledge of these processes.

Sage Support is also there any time to act as a sounding board on Midwifery related matters.

Your needs are unique. So is our service and we are confident that we can help you.